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Beer Battered Cauliflower Tacos

Beer Battered Cauliflower Tacos



{ enough for 4 tacos }

This is the most exciting food I have eaten in a while. And with that I’m not saying that the food I eat is usually boring, no, I’m saying that this is fucking awesome. Pardon my … not French.

Cauliflower may not be the most exciting thing you can think of, but what if it’s deep fried in a batter full of beer? I mean… Come on. And thrown in a soft shell corn taco with…

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Balsamic Pickled Onions IMG_2236 copy

This is one of my favourite condiments; white balsamic pickled red onion rings. Did you catch that? It’s basically pickled onions, but I’m using white balsamic vinegar, as I live for anything revolving around balsamic.

This condiment is great on pizzas, in sandwiches, on top of vegan slices of cheese, nut butters, tacos, anything.

The Balsamic Pickled Onions

  • 1 red onion
  • 1 deciliter white balsamic…

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Raspberry & Liquorice Cupcakes

Raspberry & Liquorice Cupcakes



Well, hello, beautiful little loves of my life.

Cupcakes are always a good idea, right, and since I’m Danish, I love liquorice. I kinda have to. And one of the things that goes best with liquorice, is raspberry. Just think about it. Imagine it. It’s sounds perfect, right? And it is.


The Raspberry Cupcakes { makes 8 – 10 }

  • 150 g spelt flour
  • 150 g fresh raspberries
  • 100 g cane sugar
  • 4…

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Fusion Cuisine: North African Burger

Fusion Cuisine: North African Burger


{ serves 2 }

I love the different cuisines of the world and I always find myself experimenting with fusion ingredients; whenever I try to make a thai curry, I can’t seem to leave out ingredients that have absolutely nothing to do in a thai curry. Some would call it blasphemy, and I agree. But it just makes sense sometimes. This is why I will be sharing a few recipes in this new series called…

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Risotto ai Funghi
{ serves 4 }
I’ve made this three times in one week. It’s really good, okay?!
The Risotto ai Funghi
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Balsamic Blueberry Grilled Cheese{ makes 2 sandwiches }
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Delicious Hot Chocolate
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Banoffee Cupcakes{ 6 – 8 Banana Cupcakes w/ Caramel & Vanilla Buttercream Frosting & A Salted Caramel Swirl }

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GF Cakey Chickpea Cookies (2 Ways){ makes around 16 }
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Mushroom & Aubergine Spread
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